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XIV. The Enactment of Generativity Two: Legacy and Leadership

William Bergquist and Gary Quehl In preparing most of our essays in Caring Deeply, we have turned to our own research findings about Generativity Two, relying primarily on the 100 interviews that we conducted with Emerging and Senior Sage leaders in Western Nevada County California. In later essay, we will review some of the analyses […]



A Sample Chapter: The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations Into Breakthroughs by Dr. Marcia Reynolds

Introduction What Is Good about Discomfort? The Discomfort Zone is the moment of uncertainty when people are most open to learning. On the day I resigned from my last corporate position, one of the vice presidents came into my office and said, “You can’t go. Who will I talk to?” I recalled our first heated […]



Why A-Squared LAMP Groups Exists, part 2

(The Answer: INCUBATION) A-Squared LAMP Groups is a certified startup incubator that is a unique business education nonprofit. When you register with us, you are not alone. We are working with you to holistically develop both you and your idea so that you can successfully sustain it over time while maintaining your joyful excitement for […]



Christian Leadership: Principles from Jeremiah 17:10 (part 2)

Jeremiah 17:10. God tests minds. Read it HERE. (NKJV, NIV)  Hear it read here: NKJV or NIV. Introduction. Through the oft-called weeping prophet Jeremiah, God warned Judah that everything in the covenant of the twelve tribes of Israel also applied to them. They were indeed special because they were the tribe(s) from which the Messiah would emerge as ruler and […]

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