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Rhodie-Radio Show References

Listen Now: We have the program structure for providing holistic on-site training that combine individual, partner, team, group, hosted, and networked learning options for practical guidance and interdependent career growth. Each program is carefully designed to align outcomes with host-partners bringing our program into their sites. To help fund these, simply make a donation […]



The Interdisciplinarity of Professional Coaching: A Whole Person Globalized Imperativee

Coaching the whole person requires a “whole coach.” Interdisciplinarity is required—this is part of the job description for a professional coach. William Bergquist and Bill Carrier To say that something is both an art and a science credits both the creative and the procedural. When we say that, we mean that we can concretely define, […]



Executive Coaches Share Openly and Unselfishly: Dynamic Panel Discussion at ICF Annual Conference

In 2003, a panel of experienced executive coaches shared insights regarding professional coaching as it was engaged in an organizational setting By Joan O. Wright (Editor of Original Transcript) and William Bergquist (Editor of Revised Transcript and Commentaries) Moderator: Linda Miller Panelists: William Bergquist, Bob Johnson, Mary Beth O’Neill, Jeannine Sandstrom, Val Williams, Klaus Zepuntke […]

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