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We greatly appreciate each and every person, company, and group who helps us in any way. We consider them "Lamp Friends" and invite you to become a LAMP Friend too.  Not sure how you might want to light up this community with your unique light?  Take our 5-question quiz to generate a list of options based on your own preferences, skills, and time commitment. List of your personalized options will appear in descending order of time commitment. Explore a few other ways to get involved now by clicking on links below.

Double your help! View this list of known matching companies. Ask your HR dept. for details.

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----------- FIRST, HELP YOURSELF ----------


  • Follow our LinkedIn company page & comment on our posts.
  • Believe in our mission…and advocate it to others.
  • Consider using your skills as one of our board of directors.
  • Become a Member & log in to experience all of its benefits.
  • Help fund a project started by one of our groups.
  • Donate to provide scholarships or services.
  • Contribute to A-Squared organizational needs.
  • Host a micro-event home party or free community outing to share our message.
  • Volunteer as our needs arise & are posted in our social media.
  • Travel with us on one of our member trips.


  • Share our Read Feed to your social media outlets.
  • Co-host a scavenger hunt activity with someone in support of our work.
  • Organize a group coaching session on topics of skill, training, interest or assessment reports. 
  • From their coaching page, be a Pay-It-Forward Scholarship partner with one of our coaches to help someone in need.
  • Refer contacts, companies & people to our services.
  • Double your volunteer work or donations to us using your company's match program.
  • Work with us to write a short article about yourself, your work, & your knowledge to share with others.
  • In your "My Activity" area after logging into this website, create a private contact group circle & invite you friends to be part of it.
  • Host a table of your own for six of your friends at our annual Passport event