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Helping you to define your own success & to get others to recognize and reward your efforts.

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Executive & Startup Coaching
Executives, Entrepreneurs, Nonprofit or Ministry Founders, & Solo-preneurs are unique leaders with official functions & defined responsibilities within organizations and groups.  They don't just lead. They embody, set the tone for, & establish performance measures for success.
Education & Career Coaching
Identify your own unique career niche for success. Develop a strategic plan for receiving the right education, training, skills, or career networks to attain your dream job. Re-work performance focus or create a promotable professional image.
Leader Development Coaching
Lead where you are more effective, whether a new leader or a seasoned one. Research-based, hard-science principles & tools identify your core practices and natural leadership preferences to balance skills to act with less strain & more impact.
Life & Relationship Coaching
Identify self-sabotage, sort through conflicting values, and guide yourself into clarity forward.  Learn or strengthen skills and expose blind spots that prevent you from building a satisfying life. Make better decisions and relationships that support it. For 1 or 2 persons.
Health, Stress & Risk Management Coaching
Navigate through health challenges such as weight and long-term changes. Manage good stress & bad stress more effectively. Anticipate, retrain, & reduce risk behaviors and habits that sabotage stability or success.
Team & Group Coaching
Facilitation of group empowerment, learn your group's identity, motivation, effectiveness, interaction preferences, goal functionality, success focus. Activate behavioral change and sustainable skills to balance any group, department, or team of 4 or more participants.



Helping your startup ideas get strategically honed for success & readied for independent operations and outside funding.

Group INCubation

What is INCubation?
What does Incubation do?
Who should get Incubated?
Why choose A-Squared LAMP Groups?
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Skills Development
Skills needed in leadership, executive roles, and team management are offered through classes, coaching, book discussions, and specialized assessments with 360-degree or team components.
Group Identity & Structure
Gold groups get the first two sections of our MAPS business plan for free. Consultation and technical services to hone, brand, and delineate operations for your group are available.
Processes & Compliance
Once your group is formed, process or compliance checklists and resource pages are available. Depending upon the type, it may include system specific recommendations, professional set-up, and/or independent tutorials.
Recruitment & Growth Mechanisms
Networking training and access to our professional organizational network is available. Discounts on conferences and other outlets that can be utilized for building up your group is available.