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    Ministry & Organization Language Project


  • Language Scholarship Council. Join a friendly team that will provide scholarships to people, ministries, and organizations who may need it. Personal benefit includes access to your own language learning, which includes the biblical languages & global ESL, too. Enroll NOW for 2021. 

  • Ministry Language Learning Program. Varying partner package options for ministries of all sizes that increasingly includes benefits and systems to help your learning program get started. Link found HERE.

    Radio-Referenced Christian Resources


  • Christian Membership. Access to private Christian-only pages, forums, and areas within our site. Your membership is 100% donation to help our work. Join NOW, select Christian option from pull-down menu.

  • Link to program-referenced "Four Calls" on page 89 of the devotional, The Gospel Path, HERE.

  • Link to program-referenced "Kingdom Work" definitions on page ix of the devotional, The Gospel Path, HERE.

Christian News, Resource and Devotional Links, self-guided Spiritual Formation feeds, Forum access, & more when you join at the Bronze level and select the Christian option.

    Worker-Empowerment Career Program

We have the program structure for providing holistic on-site training that combine individual, partner, team, group, hosted, and networked learning options for practical guidance and interdependent career growth. Each program is carefully designed to align outcomes with host-partners bringing our program into their sites. To help fund these, simply make a donation online and designate it for the Learning Fund and select We-Career LA. Or text donation to 626-427-3630 and complete the one-time bank-encryption security set-up. Interest forms found HERE.

  • Target: Women. Focused on promotability and leveraging support for career path decisions and ownership skills for building empowered success. 
  • Target: Differently-Abled. Solopreneurism development focuses that teaches business principles for growing independent options for income and skills empowerment. 
  • Target: Veterans. TBD.

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