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Business Management

 Office Supplies & Tools 

Backup all of your devices for one low annual cost. Avoid losing data over system issues & recover or restore anything anytime! Amazing tool that is simple. Start at FREE & upgrade as needed.


Full featured phone systems using your existing phone, mobile, computer. Unlimited minutes in US & Canada starting at $40/mo includes many many features you won't find in other systems. Also optional items like recording, faxing, paging groups, and integration with Quickbooks, Salesforce, Outlook, Google, SugarCRM. Click to check it out!

Type the code # 30801 in the referral area when setting up a new account and you will receive deep discounts on all of your print jobs, from flyers to books to menus.


Business cards, flyers, and more. Click on link to order & you will also get 10% off.


Use device cameras as a scanner. Fax, email, or share documents in real time. Plans start at $5/mo, $50/yr, free. Click link to get 1 month free.


All-inclusive cloud phone system. Voice, fax, text, conferencing and HD Video Meetings with packages starting at only $25/month. Plus, get free 30-day trial. Click to learn more.


Send and receive faxes, choose your fax number at sign-up. Faxing plan starts at $6.95/mo for 250 pgs. Click for free 30-day trial.


Online meetings, recorded broadcasts, screen sharing, and much more. Free to sign up and use with lots of functionality. Premium pkg. is $19.95/mo. and includes web integration and more. Click to sign up.


Great tool for a great price - only $35.88/yr ($2.99/mo) basic pkg. Add 800#s for only $1.99/mo more, port your own number, or add several #s at a discount.

Free Appointment Scheduling Software

Click to explore functionality. Email, text, online, and mobile enabled service and appointment scheduling tool. Free version or paid versions with branding.


Sales & Accounting Tools

Lots of video training and free certification to learn the system and migrate current system over. Lots of plug-in widgets to integrate other programs your company might use. Cloud-based system beginning at $9/mo. up to $23/mo.. This allows you to receive a discount, plus a free 30-day trial and 6 months at 30% off!


Client, customer, vendor, etc. management system. Low-cost with tons of features that are simple-to-use, including sales pipeline and auto integration with other systems. Free 30-day trial. Click link to sign up.

Fully integrated one-stop business solution for Accounting, CRM, Billing, Scheduling, Automating, and much more. Free version available with fewer features, but full features start at only $25/mo! Click to learn more.


Training & Presentation
Designer and Illustrator actively consulting for all branding, illustration, and design projects.

Designer and Illustrator actively consulting for all branding, illustration, and design projects.


Every kind of presentation tool to create engaging professional looks for your project. View templates and options that work for you. Click to view.


Brand your company and promote it to clients, customers, and vendors with a variety of creative products that get your business name public. Click to view products and learn more.


Full color standing displays, advertising banners, and promotional supplies to highlight your company or projects. Click to view all options.


Every kind of form and its associated instructional book is found here to train yourself in processes and usage. Click to view all.

Information & Outsourcing

Hire writers, bloggers, editors, designers, translators, etc for projects. Click to learn more.


Create a logos, social media, or websites. Logo design is recommended.  Click to learn more.


Translate documents of every kind into nearly every language. Free quote. Click to learn more.


Obtain legal background checks for potential employees or other partners. Click to view options and services.

BUSINESS LISTINGS (articles, listings, and information)



Non-Profit Management

Learning Tools

NP TRAINING MODULES . (sponsored by CornerstoneOnDemand foundation)

NP DISASTER RELIEF TRAINING. (sponsored by CornerstoneOnDemand foundation)

FUNDRAISING HOW-TOS. (sponsored by FundraiserBasic software)

ROCKET LAWYER. (non-exhaustive checklist of basic compliance)

Information & Filing Help

FOUNDATION GROUP. (Filing, compliance, education for Nonprofits)

NONPROFIT TEMPLATES. (Forms, documents, etc. by NP Resource Center)

Accounting, Schedule, Donor Systems

Includes website, member and payment systems, more. Free limited service plan, low-cost all-inclusive service starts at $40/mo. Click to learn more.


The only SaaS system that seamlessly integrates nonprofit accounting, donor management and payroll in a single solution. Starts at only $35 a month. Click link for a 30 day free trial.


Affordable integrated system for tiny nonprofits. Due to our desire to incubate and help small groups, take off an additional 25% off for 6 months using our corporate code "lamps". Starting pkg is only $15/mo. Plus get a free 30-day trial! Click link now to sign up.

Manage staff, appointments, locations, services. Sync with calendars, integrate your pay systems, collect funds at signup. Free version & low-cost paid versions. Click now.

CHART OF ACCOUNTS LIST. (created by Bill Levis)

CHAPTER SPOT. (site to collect payments and dues, free version and $30/member version)


Special Nonprofit Pricing of 25% off once signed up. Great option that integrates well with CRMs & more. Lots of free training videos and help to set up, move systems, or utilize. Click here to sign up and get 30% off your first 6 months, plus get 30 days free, and only pay $6.30/month after that!

Associations & Perks

GOOGLE for NONPROFITS. (Entire suite for free, includes gmail @org name, analytics, g-apps, & much more)

NPPGov. (Providing procurement connections to major firms at highly reduced cost to NPOs, public sector GPOs, and private NGOs)

Registry of Nonprofits to rate their impact and activity for donors, provide organizational assistance, and to connect volunteer professionals to the nonprofits.

ASSOCIATION OF FUNDRAISING PROFESSIONALS. (Latest laws, best practices, and guidelines of proper fundraising for organizations and projects)


Registry of nonprofits that assists them to obtain, train, connect, and use technology in order to reach volunteers, donors, government, and corporate assistance.


Life & Career Tools

Career & Education

CUNY Teacher's Academy. Free degree to teach in NYC for 2 yrs.

ALICE LLOYD COLLEGE. Free tuition BA/BS degree with work program.

DEEP SPRINGS COLLEGE. Free tuition AA degree with work program.


Search for online, traditional, or specialized degrees and certificate programs to get ready for your career or career change. Click to search.


Free online classes on Constitution, economics, & more.


Easily compare job qualifications and your resume to generate a match rate before you apply. Useful tool that identifies hidden buzzwords in the descriptions used. Free trial. Click to learn more.


Exclusive site for jobs in fashion, photography, graphic design, art, music, and every type of creativity-oriented career. Click to explore their posted jobs and advice.


Executives and Managers can utilize their own Headhunter here. Explore more options. Click to learn more.


TED TALK LIFE HACKS. (10 videos when you're life is stuck)



Preparation matters. Stock up your home and vehicles with emergency supplies and avoid family crisis panic later. Click to view.




MIKE HABIB, EA. (IRS & Tax-Filing Specialist, Dave Ramsey ELP)


Prepaid cards and online/mobile tools that allow you to teach financial accountability in your family. Click to learn more.


Teach yourself personal finance using these great resources from experts and writers around the world. Click to view all.

FREE PERSONAL FINANCE TRAINING. (sponsored by Bank of America)

Home & Family Services

FUNDED JUSTICE. (raise funds for legal fees)


Discounted all-inclusive travel and tours around the world - air, land, and sea. Use A-Squared LAMP Groups and code # 3330213 in your referral area to get $100 off when booking. Click link to register and view trips.

Christian Life Tools

Health and Growth

BEREA COLLEGE. (Free tuition for BA/BS degrees through work program)

BARCLAY COLLEGE. (Free tuition for BA/BS degrees, graduate degrees offered)

BIBLICAL COUNSELING KEYS. (Booklets on a life subjects for $5 each that include scriptures, advice, and affirmations, buy 4 & get 1 free)

BIBLE GATEWAY. (sign up to receive free daily email Bible devotions on many topics of interest or need)



Church supplies & Christian gifts

INTERNATIONAL MISSION BOARD. (Mission and prayer oriented guides and materials to use)

VOICE OF THE MARTYRS. (Videos, books, and materials focusing on the persecuted church)

CROSSWAY. (Full-color print & e-tracts, books, bibles)

Stewardship & Ministry $

DAVE RAMSEY MINISTRIES. (Free budget tools, classes, training in financial wisdom)

DAN CELIA STEWARDSHIP MINISTRY. (Investing recommendations, money management, seminars)

PROMISE CHECKS. (Trademark, Bible, Business, Etc. Checks & Supplies.)

Membership with us means you get $100 for new checking account. Full access by ATM, website, phone. Click for application.








BALANCE FINANCIAL FITNESS. (Program and tools to aid in planning, budgeting, and managing personal finance)


Ministry/church payment system for credit , debit, ACH, more. A-Squared LAMP Groups goes into your referral field.  Click to get 30-day free trial.


Mobile App lets you get free prayer point texts from an extensive list of churches, ministries, & organizations of your selection. Free.