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This funds our group entity learning programs: Language Learning (ESL & more), Women-In-Business, Sustainable Rural Development, & Under-represented Group Startups.


LANGUAGE LEARNING. Globalization of our world means that learning another language is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Yet only 52% of Europeans speak a second language (though Americans imagine it to be much higher) and only a measly 18% - 25% of Americans speak a second language1. Close to 75% of all people in the world do not speak a word of English, despite 55% of all media posts and a majority of research documents in Science, Medicine, Economics, Law, Engineering, and Politics being in English. This puts non-English speakers at a disadvantage for educational or job opportunities2 and severely limits business opportunities in a global market. We want to change that by providing low-cost language learning services to improve your businesses, job prospects, and overall global experiences. Learning a language can be the best way to improve your situation, expand your exposure and business understanding to other cultures, and to best benefit directly from your investment efforts. When this annual fund goal is reached, it will enable 1,000 people for under $50 per person!  Invest in yourself and in others.

Women-In-Business Partnership. givereceive

Program that provides peer-to-peer professional mentoring match-ups for new entrepreneurs, businesses, or ministries.

Sustainable Rural Development Resource-Sharing.

Program establishes partnerships with local entrepreneurs and community leaders to provide a "hub" physical location project as well as designing local specialized programs that develop people, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, ministries, or businesses for success in order to activate local economies in depressed or underperforming rural areas in the perimeter of larger cities.

Under-represented Group Startups Mentorship

Program that provides assistance and specialized training for under-represented groups entering an industry, professional field, service market, or geographical location when beginning their startup endeavor.

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