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Investing in this fund allows A-Squared LAMP Groups to provide coaching and consulting services to people and new groups who need our help and cannot yet pay. Fully funding this project means you are directly creating success in your own community!  Who will start the next business, club, nonprofit, outreach in YOUR community?  Be the change by investing in it!  It only takes $300 for one person's coaching sessions for success and $400 for one group to be coached. THANK YOU FOR DONATING!


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A survey done by the International Coaching Federation (1998) revealed that people who engage certified coaches reap big benefits: 62.5% smarter goal-setting, 60.5% more balanced lives, 57.1% lower stress levels, 52.4% increased self-confidence, 43.3% better quality of life, 25.7% increased revenues, 33.3% enriched family life, and 25.7% left vices or bad habits.1  More recent survey results mimic or exceed these results in numerous areas, and can be explored more fully here2: comprehensive overview research study also reveals the following as reported in detail by The Korn-Ferry Institute in their report, The Effectiveness of Executive Coaching: What We Can Learn from the Research Literature (De Meuse & Die, 2009)3:

  • 80% of the participants were favorable to coaching (Talboom, 1999).
  • “Very Satisfactory”… This was the way clients most frequently rated the overall effectiveness of their coaching experience on a 5-point scale, where 4 was very satisfactory (Hall, Otazo, & Hollenback, 1999).
  • Respondents were very satisfied with coaching: 86% rated coaching as very effective; 95% are doing things differently as a result of coaching; and 95% would recommend coaching to other staff members (Parker-Wilkins, 2006).
  • Executives’ reactions to the idea of working with a coach were substantially positive – over 75% (Wasylyshyn, 2003).
  • 96% of organizations report to have seen individual performance improve since coaching was introduced. Nearly as many (92%) also have seen improvements in leadership and management effectiveness (“Coaching Counts,” 2007).
  • 7% to 93.8% positive responses, suggesting that coaching contributes to sustained behavioral change (Genger, 1997).
  • At the level of learning, 70 – 90% of the participants were favorable to the coaching; at the behavioral level, it was over 50% (Talboom, 1999).
  • Participants considered 73% of goals to have been achieved “very effectively” or “extremely effectively.” Stakeholders were more conservative, evaluating 54% of goals as having been achieved with this level of effectiveness, and 85% as having delivered results “effectively” or higher (McGovern et al., 2001)
  • Executives improved significantly and mostly on behavioral dimensions related to the coaching objectives (15 of the 19 items, 79%) (Orenstein, 2006).
  • Coaching assisted in the development of three main competencies: (a) leadership behavior (82%), (b) building teams (41%), and (c) developing staff (36%) (Parker-Wilkins, 2006).
  • 55% of the participants increased leadership effectiveness as rated by others. 52% increased as rated by self (Thach, 2002).
  • The top three indications of successful coaching were (a) sustained behavioral change (63%), (b) increased self-awareness and understanding (48%), and (c) more effective leadership (45%). On a 1-10 scale, over half of these coached executives reported a sustainability level between 6 and 8; over a third were at the 9-10 level (Wasylyshyn, 2003).

Further reliable and objectively published research studies analyzing the many benefits and areas of applied professional coaching can be found in the ICF research portal  ( AND at the Center for Applied Positive Psychology at the Institute of Coaching, an associate of Harvard Medical School (

1 International Coaching Federation, 1998. Online, public report:

2 International Coaching Federation, commissioned report conducted by Pricewaterhouse-Coopers.  Online, public summary:

3 De Meuse, Kenneth P., Dai, Guangrong, 2009. Online, published paper:


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