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Coaching Package 1: Three Sessions


Three full coaching sessions in 6 weeks. See results right away!


Three full coaching sessions to be completed in 6 weeks. See progress right away!

  • Executive & Startup: Special performance development for current executives, aspiring executives, & ones who have startup ideas to turn into reality.
  • Education & Career: Specialized coaching for educational training programs, academic plans, and professional career navigation.
  • Leadership Development: Special focus on coaching to develop leadership competencies, styles, application, and aspirational motivating conversations.
  • Life & Relationship: Special coaching focused on developing optimistic & realistic plans to get unstuck in life and manage relationships in a healthy way.
  • Health, Stress, & Risk Management: Special coaching designed to empower your best individualized health, stress, and risk strategies for success.


Note: Most memberships includes set coaching sessions per year.


Additional information

Coaching Types Available

Executive & Startup with Coach Susan, Education & Career with Coach Lynn, Career Discovery with Coach Susan, Leadership Development with Coach Susan, Life & Relationship with Coach Lynn, Health, Stress, & Risk Management, I Am Not Sure

Faith-based Component

Christian, None


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