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    Vision is a foundation skill. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? What does it mean for your choices and the relevancy of your decisions? Vision is what shapes the entire picture of who we are and what we are capable of doing. Vision is what great leaders are said to have, and it is what we sometimes identify as our personal “dreams”. But how is vision a skill, something that can be developed?

    When born, babies have eyesight that can only see between 4″ and 8″. This is just strong enough for them to see their mother and to focus on her face while nursing. But if their eyesight stayed that way, it would not always work in every situation. The infant must strengthen their eyesight and begin to see farther. As they do, their focus suddenly has more dimension. They can choose to focus on their mother or upon something else or someone else. Their increased vision means that they have the ability to choose multiple options for focusing one’s energy. Adults are no different.

    Adults who stay focused on what is close and familiar to them fail to develop the skill of vision that might move them into unfamiliar directions and reveal many choices “over there”. Without strengthening one’s vision, everything outside of one’s personal comfort zone becomes blurry and unimportant, ignored. Without vision, there is also nowhere to go if external forces remove that comfortable place from them (eg, layoffs, personal tragedy, reorganization, market changes, etc.). Someone who has developed their vision always has somewhere else to go, and other options that make them able to adjust and navigate elsewhere. Developing vision is a survival tool that can be built up with practice.

    Let’s practice. Vision is about utilizing your imagination to “see” a different reality. Stretch your imagination for good. Think of all of the things you love about yourself, your situations, and your current directions in life and work. Write them down. Now imagine other scenarios in which those things might coexist. Are there things you could do without in your current situations or wish you could improve about yourself. Is there an improvement that could be built into your imagined place or situation? Describe it on paper or out loud. Now, use it to focus on one or two things of that new vision. Don’t act on it, but keep it on the forefront of your mind. Remind yourself of those few things over and over. The more you focus on it, the clearer it should become over time. Once you can “see” it more clearly, think of a few things that might move you toward it. You have just stretched your vision and reshaped your choices!

    Well done! Share your experience with others.


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