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Global Expressions Language Project
Subsidized language learning project. We are excited about this project because of the facts about LANGUAGE LEARNING & its potential to advance professional career opportunities & grow businesses or nonprofits cross-culturally! Globalization of our world means that learning another language is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Did you know that only 52% […]Show More
WE-Career L.A. (pilot project) – Worker Empowerment
This project is a holistic career development program for workers who have been out of the workforce for significant periods of time due to critical changes in personal situations.  At the heart of this project is a 7-component "Career Roadtrip," which includes multiple learning platforms, methodologies, tools, and support mechanisms for their career decision-making processes. […]Show More
Coaching & Consulting Scholarship Fund
Investing in this fund allows A-Squared LAMP Groups to provide coaching and consulting services to people and new groups who need our help and cannot yet pay. Fully funding this project means you are directly creating success in your own community!  Who will start the next business, club, nonprofit, outreach in YOUR community?  Be the […]Show More
Program Fund: Language & Learning Programs
This funds our group entity learning programs: Language Learning (ESL & more), Women-In-Business, Sustainable Rural Development, & Under-represented Group Startups.Show More