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Four Reasons Coaching Works and How to Avoid the Wrong Coaches

In the previous article, we saw the well-researched results of how effective coaching is to sustain behavioral changes when developing people in your organization.  Let’s look at how it works. Professional certified coaching works because it is: Data-driven for behavioral bench-marking.  Despite anecdotal online assertions, level-B coaching assessment tools are not like magazine quizzes, definitive […]



The Most Effective Proven Way to Develop People in Your Nonprofit

While mostly people manage their various crises that leak into both home and work life, it is inevitable that all of us get stuck eventually.  Individuals can desperately grasp at any development tool or self-help strategy in front of them to help them climb out of that discomfort.  But inevitably, many will tend to fall […]



Why our Nonprofit, A-Squared LAMP Groups, Exists, part 1

Personal managment means it is YOUR responsibility to develop yourself professionally.  Self-development and success is a discipline that is developed through relationship and accountability – something that is not mentioned directly in the VIDEO below, but is implied in its arguments.  Many who struggle to embrace this reality are millennials, but some are also much […]



Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Man(kind) From all of us at A-Squared LAMP Groups, we thank you for your participation, contribution, interest, pledges, and support for our work. We extend a hearty congratulations to our next two Pay-It-Forward coaching scholarship recipients. We wish them and YOU a successful, satisfying, prosperous new year.  Join with […]

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