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The Neuroscience of Enduring Transformation Steve March

I explore how memory reconsolidation can be integrated into developmental coaching. I detail the three-step process for opening the memory reconsolidation window, a time when emotional memories shift into a malleable state where they can be erased or edited. The post The Neuroscience of Enduring Transformation first appeared on Library of Professional Coaching. Integrating Memory […]



Learning 2nd Language Pays Big!

Become a MEMBER today! Our memberships donate to our nonprofit charity’s work and may be tax-deductible to you. More importantly, your membership gives you a full year’s access to our online learning portal (over 450 training courses) and our portable LANGUAGE LEARNING PLATFORM where you can choose any or all of over 70 conversational languages. […]



10 Masterful Coaching Habits to Best Serve Your Clients Suzi Pomerantz

What does it really take to help your clients evoke awareness, expand and shift their perspectives, and truly leverage coaching as a mind-altering experience?  What mental habits do you need to cultivate to best serve the clients you support? The short answer is: get yourself out of the way.  The article below was first published […]

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