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Interview with Curt Mandell: Coaching, Consulting and the Challenge of Expertise Kevin Weitz

The following interview conducted by Dr. Kevin Weitz and Dr. William Bergquist with Curt Mandell (a noted organizational coach and consultant) concerns the challenges to be found in the 21st Century workplace regarding the role to be played by experts and the manner in which their expertise is received. Click link to view video interview. […]



Sample Chapter from The Word for World is Work: The Life of Women

The Word for World is Work   Authors: Rosalind Sun Peng Lee and William Bergquist Illustrator: Dustin Markel This book concerns the world in which three different population of women live. In all three cases, these women find that they are consumed with work–either out of a need to survive and support their families, or […]



Authentic Leadership Growth in Executive Coaching Happens in Three Stages Mike Horne

Drew always seemed to be looking around the corner for what was next. At 60, Drew had reached the top ranks of his corporation, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer and frequently interacting with the Board of Directors. Drew rose through his organization’s ranks on the strength of his technical abilities, and the company […]

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