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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional development coaching, consulting, & organizational tools to individuals, at-risk groups, growing organizations, and pre-launch startups that have limited access or funding for resources.

We serve:

> The unemployedunder-performing, & the under-employed who are stuck or need an edge
> Mis-employed workers who are demotivated, overlooked, & in the wrong job or company or field
> The re-employable entering the workforce after long absences, changing interests, or health challenges
> Creative leaders and entrepreneurs in business, nonprofit, ministry, informal groups, teams, or solo-preneur endeavors.
> Growing organizations that need change management addressed in its design, development, & detoxification.


Our Vision

We believe that each person is unique, capable of great success, and able to positively impact their communities when partnered with our professional coaches and consultants. A-Squared LAMP Groups is dedicated to developing professional competencies that leverage success for individuals and organizations. Our motto is: "Empowering People, Amplifying Success, and Building Community." 

Our Strategy

A-Squared LAMP Groups will enact its vision and serve its mission through the LAMP model.  The LAMP model is to provide Learning (opportunities), Advancement (services), Membership (benefits), and Partnership (networking).  We provide our opportunities and services at significantly reduced cost to clients and members, and give them for free to scholarship recipients who are unable to pay.